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Solcon Industries is launching the second generation of DriveStart, its highly successful IGBT-based medium-voltage soft starter line. DriveStart has been successfully implemented in diverse applications such as pumps, wind tunnels, gas compressors, vacuum blowers and sugar cane crushers. It prevents stress on weak electrical networks that require high torque/inertia starts and is a viable solution when commercial cost is a challenge.

“The new generation is designed to reduce costs even further, saving both energy and space while meeting demanding performance requirements. DriveStart2 delivers higher ratings and voltage – up to 11kV and 18.5MVA,” explained Solcon Industries CEO Itai Zifroni. 

The uncomplicated design delivers low maintenance and reliable operation. With smaller physical dimensions, peak demand reduction, and an integrated bypass that ensures no energy loss during operation, the new soft starter is particularly optimized for cost-saving. 

“In a sample case – a water pump application – we’ve calculated that DriveStart2 can deliver more than US$5 million in savings over a 20-year project lifetime,” Zifroni said. 

DriveStart2’s Blue Box control technology boasts specifically developed software (IEC 61131-3 conformed), fault detection and tracking, power failure protection and restart “on the fly.” A touch screen provides quick access to system status, statistics and parameters and convenient remote monitoring and operation solutions capabilities were also incorporated. 

Designed for use in both fixed and variable torque applications, the new generation soft starter is also available with sensor-less vector control for fixed torque.

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Voltages up to 13.8kV 

Start Power up to 20MW

Starting motors up to 50000kW & larger

Industries worldwide have been benefitting from, our vast experience of designing and manufacturing systems that optimize the start of large electric motors under even the most severe conditions, the value that we create for our customers is unsurpassed.

The low harmonic design combined with an efficient sensor-less vector control and a sturdy bypass system are only some of the features that will help you achieve additional process safety by starting your machine in the most reliable way.

Consistent with our existing portfolio, the DriveStart2 is also built to save operational costs with its “Keep it safe and simple” design leading to record-low maintenance requirements, boosted by the Blue Box logic system and its “user friendly“ touch screen display that is an enormous time saver during commissioning.

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