HRVS-DN Products

Heavy-duty Medium Voltage Soft Start Module

Medium Voltage

Heavy-Duty Starter

2.3 – 13.8kV, up to 48MW
Soft Starter

The HRVS-DN is a heavy-duty Medium Voltage Soft Start module designed for all Medium Voltage AC induction motors. The HRVS-DN’s sophisticated motor control technology ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration as it minimizes the effect of high in-rush current and mechanical torque shock. 

Advanced features include customizable starting curves, unique voltage and current measurements, as well as monitoring capabilities. The flexible design, enhanced motor protection and a superior global reputation make the HRVS-DN the starting solution of choice for Medium Voltage applications – even under the most demanding conditions.

The HRVS-DN’s flexible configuration is designed to meet the requirements of new applications, retrofits in addition to OEM customization. 

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