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Solcon Industries Soft Starters are designed and manufactured to reduce the starting current & gradually increase it until it reaches its full rated speed so that the high inrush current is prevented.

Every industry, for any application, looks to install a motor that is both robust and high in efficiency, for this reason most machines used are three phase AC types. Protecting these motors with the help of specially developed equipment that ensure their safe operation is vital to the health of the motor and prevents potential damage thus maximizing motor life span, the Soft Starter being the most essential of them all.

Electric Motor Soft Start

Three-phase AC induction motors are commonly used in a wide variety of applications.

Due to their starting characteristics, in many cases these motors cannot be connected directly to the power supply system. When starting the motor Direct-On-Line (DOL) the surge current can be extremely high, reaching up to 6 times (and more…) the rated motor current. This excess of current puts stress on the supply system and the installed switchgear. In addition, when starting Direct-On-Line (DOL), a very high peak torque can occur, putting additional stress on the driven motor and the mechanical system including the auxiliary power transmission parts (for example, V-belt, gears, etc.).

There are several methods for reducing the damaging effects of this excessive starting current. Conventional methods would include reactors and autotransformers. However, these methods only allow the voltage to be reduced in gradual steps whereas an electric motor soft start can provide a smooth step-free acceleration of the motor’s system by continuously increasing the voltage over a selected period of time. 

 This approach to starting minimizes the effect of high inrush current on the supply system, the motor in addition to the driven load.

Please see bellow a diagramed explanation of the soft starter circuit, explaining the flow of the current during the starting process of an electric motor.

circuit dINA-02_20210104155722.090.png

             Soft Starter Circuit diagram

  * For illustration purposes only

 Soft Starters Provide the Following Benefits: 

  • Reduced starting current, eliminates voltage drops and dips in the supply network
  • Smoother acceleration of loads, eliminates the process or product damage
  • Extended lifetime of all mechanical components – For example; eliminates gearbox damage and results in less maintenance & downtime
  • Extended motor life
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs

Solcons’ soft starters are manufactured to the highest level of quality. The entire design, production and delivery process, (i.e. construction, manufacturing, order processing and logistics delivery center) is overseen by our vastly experienced engineering department and have been certified by the international standards institutions.Relevant DocumentsGeneral Product Catalogue (4980KB)