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Engineering Service
– Design and installation of an electrical system
– To consult for the electrical system in the industries
– Measuring power quality in the electrical system
– On-Line Partial Discharge measuring in high voltage electrical and power system
– Preventive Maintenance: PM
– Electrical workshop repair soft starter equipment

Service Soft starters
Soft Starters
Since Electric Motors often require large amounts of electricity during their
accelerating to the nominal speed, a Soft Starter can be used to limit
the surge of current known as “inrush current” and torque of the
electric motors, resulting in a safer, smoother, and gradual start-up.
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On-Line Partial Discharge
PD Service 
On-Line Diagnostics system used on fully loaded and energized Completely
not intrusive. No need to shut down. Detects. Analyze and locate the
abnormal signal source such as:
Dry / Oil-immersed Transformer:
HV Motor & Generator:
GIS & AIS (3 Phase):
Cable Termination & Underground Cable:
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Transformer Oil Sampling & Analysis
– Low cost and maintenance-free solution for hydrogen monitoring
in small and large transformers
– The moisture sensor is optional and can be added later if needed
– Available in oil or gas phase versions
– Has all data recording and communication features as other more
expensive and complex gas monitors
Power Quality
Power quality can hardly see by plant information systems, however,
their consequences include unscheduled downtime, low equipment life,
reduced productivity, and penalties that have a significant financial
Our power quality solutions intensified capabilities are distinctively
adaptable to improve the operation of nearly any business and/or application.