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On-Line Partial Discharge

APE GROUP is an expert in electrical engineering operation from Low Voltage to High Voltage equipment. Our primary objective is to provide services in the field of the electrical design environment. We also specialize in the installation of various electrical equipment such as Motor Starter, Motor Protection, Power Quality, and Energy Saving

Since the foundation of the company on 28 March 2002, many global industries relations with Company have led to advancement in our technology and led us to be the only specialist company in the related fields. Our branch offices in various parts of Thailand such as Bangkok, Rayong, and Prachinburi enables us easy mobility during short as well as long projects. Our new office in the North-Eastern region is also in the planning stage.

Since the establishment of our Company, it has always been our main goal to introduce and develop new technologies which excel in quality and follow industry standards in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Our prime prominence on safe working conditions and health of our employees are in accordance with the standards set for international safety and environmental protection. We express our sincere gratitude to all our customers and promise to work in accordance with the standards and guidelines.

Our business avenues can be divided into as follows:-

    Authorized Sale of products from multinational Companies which expertise in their related fields
    Authorizes One-Stop Service Centre for the different types of Products deal by our Company
    Specialist in Electrical engineering Services