Power Quality Products

Power Quality Analyzers and meters

Elspec power quality analyzers all equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording to ensure data availability for any event in the grid without the need to set any triggers or thresholds.

3 models are available to meet the user’s needs and requirements for nearly any business and/or application. All models coupled with Elspec PQSCADA Sapphire, a multi-vendors support power management software. When coupled with PQSCADA Sapphire,  ~5,000 power parameters at any given resolution are calculated for displaying and reporting purposes from the acquired waveform signals.

power quality analyzer - G4400, fixed installation
G4400 Series Permanently Installed Power Quality Analyzer

Comprehensive energy management and power monitoring program is the key to success for any energy provider/consumer, regardless of their size. The BlackBox G4400 series, the most advanced power quality analyzer in the market today, is equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording. It enables you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot an incidence easily, without the need to set any trigger or threshold to capture a specific event.

Portable power quality analyzer - G4500, Portable
G4500 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

With the G4500, portable power quality analyzer, each event, no matter its size, is recorded.

When it comes to power, you don’t want to leave it to the unexpected. In our field, we are looking for solutions allowing us to better measure, store and analyze power quality. We want to make sure that all the information gathered are accurate, in high resolution and without the need of configuring an event.

Elspec PureBB handheld power quality analyzer
PureBB Handheld Power Quality Analyzer

It is Handy and Ready.

The PureBB, an advanced class A power quality analyzer embedded with PQZIP Technology, is an easy to use plug and play device that continuously records all power quality parameters without thresholds setting or recording configuration. The device is available in two versions:

  • Single Phase
  • 3-phases

When using the PureBB, any installation errors such as a wrong phase order can be fixed during post-processing.

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