On-Line Partial Discharge Products

Power PD


The PD-TP500A is a portable online diagnostic system which periodically monitors partial discharge in equipment such as Transformers, GIS, and Circuit Breakers etc. The PD-TP500A will detect, analyze, and find the signal source locations. With the benefit of being portable, the PD-TP500A is perfect for day to day testing or special tests on equipment which does not have a continuous on-line monitoring system.

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Quartzteq Online



LIFEVIEW® PDA II is a permanent online condition monitoring system for high voltage rotating machines such as motors and generators. It provides a continuous monitoring of the Partial Discharge (PD) activity acting as a true watchdog warning the operator when the deviation is beyond the defined limits. The additional data provided by the system enables an expert to assess the insulation conditions of the machinery. Designed to specifically monitor partial discharge, the LIFEVIEW PDA II is a cost effective solution which plays an important role within the overall site maintenance programme.