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AC motors are very rugged and reliable when operating within product specification limits.

However, they are usually designed to operate close to their rated limits with minimal margins for operating under abnormal conditions.

A comprehensive protection device is required to accurately create a Thermal Modelling, in order to allow motor run safely up to its limits. The Thermal Model is based mainly on currents, but it is also possibly based on RTD and by Unbalance Currents.

Recognizing the need for protection against overheating, Solcons’ motor control and protection systems are designed and manufactured to measure and regulate the temperature and insulation of the running motor windings so as to protect the installed equipment and ensure continuous and safe motor operation for a long and predictable lifetime.

With a full range of devices Solcon can offer the motor control system that will help ward off the heat and ensure an insulation that is comfortably within the limits set.

 Products Available Include:

  • MPS-3000 – comprehensive protection device
  • MPS-3000C – comprehensive protection with additional Motor Control advantages
  • MIP-6 – sophisticated Off-Line Motor Insulation measure and Protection unit
  • TPS – sophisticated Thyristor based Power System
  • MV-TPS – Thyristor based Power System for Medium Voltage Motors
  • MPS-6 – micro controller-based protection relay
  • TPR-6 – Temperature protection relay
  • Solbrake – Solid State Motor Brake

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