RVS-DN Products

3-Phase Motor Soft Starter

Heavy-duty Low Voltage Soft Start 

8-3000A, 220-1,200V

The RVS-DN is a highly sophisticated and reliable three-phase motor soft starter designed for use with standard three-phase, three-wire and six-wire, squirrel cage induction motors. It provides the best method of reducing current and torque during low voltage motor starting.

This heavy-duty three-phase starter starts the motor by supplying a slowly increasing voltage to the system. This provides a soft start and smooth, stepless acceleration while drawing the minimum current necessary to start the motor.

The third generation, microprocessor based digital control provides unique features like pump control, slow speed, electronic reversing and accurate motor protection.

RVS-DN models can be supplied with options for insulation protection, thermistor input in addition to analog output,

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