On – Line Partial Discharge Monitoring Diagnosis

On – Line Partial Discharge Monitoring Diagnosis
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•On-line monitoring of high voltage equipment and associated accessories is becoming an essential feature of electric utility systems.  The justification for on-line monitoring is driven by the need to increase the availability of high voltage equipments, re-direction of time and/or operational-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance, asset and life management and failure cause analysis.

Cost benefits

•Reduced inspection and maintenance costs
•Reduced failure-related repair or replacement costs
•Improved real-time transformer loading capability
•Deferred upgrade capital costs due to load growth
•Deferred replacement capital costs due equipment age or condition
•Enhanced system reliability and availability with fewer unplanned outages
•Improved  planning for scheduled outages by using remote equipment condition assessment to avoid additional outages
•Enhanced financial results with performance-based regulation
•Optimized design and operating practices
•Reduced commissioning costs
•Increased equipment life
•Enhanced personnel safety
•Retained knowledge of most skilled staff (expert system)
•Failure rate reduction to be expected after introduction of monitoring

New Generation DriveStart



Solcon Industries is launching the second generation of DriveStart, its highly successful IGBT-based medium-voltage soft starter line. DriveStart has been successfully implemented in diverse applications such as pumps, wind tunnels, gas compressors, vacuum blowers and sugar cane crushers. It prevents stress on weak electrical networks that require high torque/inertia starts and is a viable solution when commercial cost is a challenge.

“The new generation is designed to reduce costs even further, saving both energy and space while meeting demanding performance requirements. DriveStart2 delivers higher ratings and voltage – up to 11kV and 18.5MVA,” explained Solcon Industries CEO Itai Zifroni. 

The uncomplicated design delivers low maintenance and reliable operation. With smaller physical dimensions, peak demand reduction, and an integrated bypass that ensures no energy loss during operation, the new soft starter is particularly optimized for cost-saving. 

“In a sample case – a water pump application – we’ve calculated that DriveStart2 can deliver more than US$5 million in savings over a 20-year project lifetime,” Zifroni said. 

DriveStart2’s Blue Box control technology boasts specifically developed software (IEC 61131-3 conformed), fault detection and tracking, power failure protection and restart “on the fly.” A touch screen provides quick access to system status, statistics and parameters and convenient remote monitoring and operation solutions capabilities were also incorporated. 

Designed for use in both fixed and variable torque applications, the new generation soft starter is also available with sensor-less vector control for fixed torque.

Find out more about DriveStart2 on this page


Voltages up to 13.8kV 

Start Power up to 20MW

Starting motors up to 50000kW & larger

Industries worldwide have been benefitting from, our vast experience of designing and manufacturing systems that optimize the start of large electric motors under even the most severe conditions, the value that we create for our customers is unsurpassed.

The low harmonic design combined with an efficient sensor-less vector control and a sturdy bypass system are only some of the features that will help you achieve additional process safety by starting your machine in the most reliable way.

Consistent with our existing portfolio, the DriveStart2 is also built to save operational costs with its “Keep it safe and simple” design leading to record-low maintenance requirements, boosted by the Blue Box logic system and its “user friendly“ touch screen display that is an enormous time saver during commissioning.

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Specification of PD-MIMS Unit

On-Line Partial Discharge
On-Line Partial Discharge

PDSurveillantTM: PD-MIMS

PD-MIMS (Motor Insulation Monitoring System) detects partial discharge (PD) coming from the inside of high voltage motors and generators, the PD signal coupling in each phase (A, B, C Phase) using capacitor coupler. This system executes the surveillance and canalization of insulation condition of the high voltage motors and generators through QM/NQN analysis.

PD-MIMS provides user friendly software which allows access to the measured data from a remote office using RS-422/485 and LAN.

PD-MIMS also provides software which is designed to analyze, manage and interpret measured data and can be set to report daily, weekly or monthly.

  • PD-MIMS continually monitors and stores test results.
  • Detects abnormal conditions in motors and generators giving early warning when action is needed to prevent failure.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and operational expenses.
  • This test device continuously scans between 200kHZ – 300MHz.

Figure 1 The motor and generator

Figure 2 EMCs sensor on generator

Figure 3 Display of Partial Discharge Measured Data

System Configuration

Detailed specification

System type: PD-MIMS_SCM-01
 : Mounted type
Number of channel : 3
Input impedance: 50 Ω
Sensor: Epoxy Mica Coupler (80 pF/6.6 kV)
Noise rejection: BPF (Band pass filter), PD shape recognition (Pattern recognition), PD counts in burst are captured (Envelop)
Frequency bandwidth: 200 kHz – 300 MHz, ±3dB Max
System configuration: Programmable parameters option allows the user to set each phase of generator and motor
 : Provides early warning signal for potential failures
 : Auto mode operation
System operation: Win 98/NT/2000/XP Environment
Display unit: Operation status
 : Alarm
Data management: Partial Discharge counts in bursts are captured
 : Analysis of pulse count distribution per phase
 : 2D, 3D and QM&NQN graphic display for ease of diagnosis
Data analysis: Ability to trend and forecast a known fault
 : User setting are possible for data collection
Communication: RS-232, 15m (19200 bps)
 : RS-422, 500m (19200 bps)
Power requirement: 110/240VAC, 50/60HZ, 1A/0.5A
Size: 13”(W) x 13”(H) x 6”(D), 12 lbs
Application targets: Motor and Generator

Protection Relay


Power , Voltage & Current Meter
18 Functions For Motor Protection With Short Circuit
Motor Insulation Measurement 24 VDC For Safety
Temperature Protection with PT100
temperature and Humidity inside the panel
4-20 mA Input for Vibration, Gas Pressure, Flux or etc.



Intelligent Smart Energy Monitoring and Protection Relay
● The best products for implementing Smart MCC (Microcontroller unit control)
● Power Meter, saving maintenance costs and integrating the Motor Protection
Relay to single device products
● Current real-time control system in unmanned, voltage, energy saving of about
10% over the amount of power measurement
● Improve the maintenance and safety of a more efficient motor of the industry
through the fault waveform record
● The special functions are included as Insulation Resistance Measurement,
Temperature inside the motor, Temperature and Humidity inside the MCC and
4-20mA Input

On-Line Partial Discharge

Advanced Power Equipment (Thailand) Co., LTD was founded in 2001 at Thailand. Advanced Power Equipment (Thailand) Co., Ltd are specialist to do design, installation, and commissioning in motor starter and motor protection by focused on low voltage motor until high voltage motor for oil & gas, comment, Petrochemical Commercial, Iron factory, Food, etc. and also introduced the solution below:

  • Measuring power quality in the electrical system, Consult and design the electrical system to solve and improve the electrical quality.
  • Design and make the MDB Cabinet, Motor Starter Cabinet: MCC with automation controller system.
  • Test and repair VSD Equipment, Soft Starter, ACB and MCCB: Siemens.
  • To consult for Motor Starter, Energy Saving in the industries.
  • To consult about On-Line Partial Discharge Monitoring Diagnosis for High Voltage Equipment.


On-Line Partial Discharge