Specification of PD-MIMS Unit

On-Line Partial Discharge
On-Line Partial Discharge

PDSurveillantTM: PD-MIMS

PD-MIMS (Motor Insulation Monitoring System) detects partial discharge (PD) coming from the inside of high voltage motors and generators, the PD signal coupling in each phase (A, B, C Phase) using capacitor coupler. This system executes the surveillance and canalization of insulation condition of the high voltage motors and generators through QM/NQN analysis.

PD-MIMS provides user friendly software which allows access to the measured data from a remote office using RS-422/485 and LAN.

PD-MIMS also provides software which is designed to analyze, manage and interpret measured data and can be set to report daily, weekly or monthly.

  • PD-MIMS continually monitors and stores test results.
  • Detects abnormal conditions in motors and generators giving early warning when action is needed to prevent failure.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and operational expenses.
  • This test device continuously scans between 200kHZ – 300MHz.

Figure 1 The motor and generator

Figure 2 EMCs sensor on generator

Figure 3 Display of Partial Discharge Measured Data

System Configuration

Detailed specification

System type: PD-MIMS_SCM-01
 : Mounted type
Number of channel : 3
Input impedance: 50 Ω
Sensor: Epoxy Mica Coupler (80 pF/6.6 kV)
Noise rejection: BPF (Band pass filter), PD shape recognition (Pattern recognition), PD counts in burst are captured (Envelop)
Frequency bandwidth: 200 kHz – 300 MHz, ±3dB Max
System configuration: Programmable parameters option allows the user to set each phase of generator and motor
 : Provides early warning signal for potential failures
 : Auto mode operation
System operation: Win 98/NT/2000/XP Environment
Display unit: Operation status
 : Alarm
Data management: Partial Discharge counts in bursts are captured
 : Analysis of pulse count distribution per phase
 : 2D, 3D and QM&NQN graphic display for ease of diagnosis
Data analysis: Ability to trend and forecast a known fault
 : User setting are possible for data collection
Communication: RS-232, 15m (19200 bps)
 : RS-422, 500m (19200 bps)
Power requirement: 110/240VAC, 50/60HZ, 1A/0.5A
Size: 13”(W) x 13”(H) x 6”(D), 12 lbs
Application targets: Motor and Generator

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