On – Line Partial Discharge Monitoring Diagnosis

On – Line Partial Discharge Monitoring Diagnosis
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•On-line monitoring of high voltage equipment and associated accessories is becoming an essential feature of electric utility systems.  The justification for on-line monitoring is driven by the need to increase the availability of high voltage equipments, re-direction of time and/or operational-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance, asset and life management and failure cause analysis.

Cost benefits

•Reduced inspection and maintenance costs
•Reduced failure-related repair or replacement costs
•Improved real-time transformer loading capability
•Deferred upgrade capital costs due to load growth
•Deferred replacement capital costs due equipment age or condition
•Enhanced system reliability and availability with fewer unplanned outages
•Improved  planning for scheduled outages by using remote equipment condition assessment to avoid additional outages
•Enhanced financial results with performance-based regulation
•Optimized design and operating practices
•Reduced commissioning costs
•Increased equipment life
•Enhanced personnel safety
•Retained knowledge of most skilled staff (expert system)
•Failure rate reduction to be expected after introduction of monitoring

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